Consolidated Waste Industries Inc


Consolidated Waste Industries, Inc. is a full service hazardous and non-hazardous waste management company with over 30 years of understanding. With an excellent safety record and the highest quality service in the industry, CWI strives to provide its clients with the most comprehensive field and technical services, while tailoring hazardous and non-hazardous waste transportation and disposal programs to fit the person needs of both private and municipal generators.  

Their dedication to providing their clients with the most responsible, reliable, and safe waste management and transportation shows in the men and women who make up Consolidated Waste Industries Inc. Their staff is among the best in the business, with all being highly trained, educated and undergoing nonstop training on all aspects of hazardous waste material management.  

They take pride in knowing that every regulatory requirement is met, ensuring that their customers are made available with the most competent, cost effective, professional and safe execution of their project needs.  

In addition to offering reliable and matchless customer service, they has a large fleet of vehicles that are not only available to their Fortune 500 clients, but to their smaller generators as well. Their entire fleet is kept under a strict maintenance program to ensure the reliability their customers have come to expect, with all being equipped to offer a broad range of services. CWI employs the most professional and highly trained hazardous waste operations personnel with multiple years of experience in assessing each of their individual clientele's Field Services needs.

This might include coordinating all of the services needed to pick-up and transport your waste streams, offering you 24-hour emergency response services, or providing field project organization for all of your remediation projects.  

The reliability of the services any hazardous waste transporter offers to their clients depends largely on the size and quality of their fleet. Consolidated Waste Industries, Inc. is able to offer a broad range of services for the transportation, handling and disposal of their customer's hazardous waste due to their extensive experience and strict maintenance of their transportation vehicles.  

Mission of Consolidated Waste Industries is simple to provide each and every client they serve with competent and cost effective waste management, while maintaining the highest levels of safety and care when handling your waste streams. They believe in responsible waste management and doing their part to secure an environmentally strong world for tomorrow.