Lynch Livestock Inc


Livestock provides fully washed and disinfected trailers for pick-up and deliveries.
LivestockÂâ€Ã¢„¢s pork marketing division has 40 different markets to provide specialized products. Livestock provides fully washed and disinfected trailers for pick-up and deliveries and is in joint venture with Waucoma Tire Company for full service repairs and welding shop for vehicles and equipment with Spillville Mill providing full feed and delivery service with new commodity building. Livestock Company is a custom processor, catering service, and butcher shop.
Livestock Express Inc is a subsidiary of Lynch Livestock Inc and is headquartered in Waucoma, Iowa. Waucoma is a small town of approximately 275 residents located in the northeast corner of the state. Lynch Livestock Inc is a family owned business that has been in operation for more than 85 years. Lynch Livestock is the largest employer in the town. Its major operation consists of buying hogs and reselling them to packing plants. In the early 1980's, the corporation owned 5 trailers that were leased out to independent livestock truckers. The first semi tractors were acquired in late 1984. Additional units were added over the years until the growing business necessitated splitting off the trucking business into a separate corporation and thus Livestock Express Inc was formed in late 1988. Livestock Express Inc currently owns 18 semi tractors and 32 trailers and has around 15 drivers and 4 office personnel. Currently, Lynch Livestock has 12 independent owner operators who lease trailers and transport livestock throughout the Midwest.
Lynch Livestock offer services to more than 30 different markets with competitive pricing for all types and qualities of hogs and other livestock and also offer brand of tire sales and service on any make or model. Lynch Livestock provide services specializing in custom grain and commodity hauling to any location. Hopper bottom or auger truck, custom mineral mixes for dairy and beef cattle, grinding and mixing services, toll milling, grain market with daily information and commodity brokerage is also available.
Lynch Livestock team approach is to provide quality services to the customers.