Maine Drilling & Blasting Inc


Ted Purington with his wife Judy established Maine Drilling & Blasting in 1966. Maine Drilling & Blasting dedicates itself to set new and higher standards for safety and service in the drilling and blasting industry. Maine Drilling & Blasting started with a small job of drilling the foundation for a cellar and immediately established a reputation for exceptional quality in every facet. Maine Drilling & Blasting has more than 70 hydraulic drills and 4 hoe rams operated by more than 300 employees in 7 states with strategic acquisitions and service expansion throughout United States in five different locations. 
Maine Drilling & Blasting provide services for homes and shopping centers, roads and highways and set the stage for the infrastructure for towns and cities. In quarries, it mines the raw material of growth and development. Maine Drilling and Blasting has high-yield, safety-conscious production and a 100 percent crushable guarantee for quarry planning and development, turnkey operations, bulk explosives technology, seismic monitoring, etc. They are working with homeowners and contractors on projects ranging from backyard swimming pools to eight-lane interstates and also provide service in commercial/industrial, roads and highways, utilities and residential and is specialized in rock bolting, hoe ram and marine drilling and blasting, etc.
Maine Drilling and Blasting's engineering services provides added value for construction customers and has ability to provide fixed contract bids and accurate estimates of rock quantities to helps contractors aggressively bid scope of work. Once the project starts, engineering services help customers verify the topographical accuracy of the engineering design and quantities for payment. Engineering services ensure a sound quarry planning and development process, one that saves them time and money with site surveys, quarry planning, and laser profiling. A stainless steel probe contains gravity sensors and attached to carbon fiber rods and is lowered into the hole. Data, regarding pitch, roll and depth is fed into the laptop and produces a three-dimensional view of the actual hole, taking guesswork out of the process.
Maine Drilling & Blasting Inc is dedicated to provide industry's safest work environment. Through their policies, training and accountability measures, to provide customers and the general public with the highest level of safety while maintaining an economic advantage and performance standards second to none in the drilling and blasting industry.