Meckley Limestone Products Inc


Meckley Limestone Products Inc (MLP) was founded by J. Eugene Meckley in 1936.
MLP department of energy constructed a fluidized bed boiler unit. The purpose of this unit was to demonstrate the feasibility of burning coal waste as a primary fuel for the production of steam energy. Part of this project involved testing the use of finely ground limestone as a sorbent of sulfur dioxide by injecting it into the combustion chamber. MeckleyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s was able to provide the limestone for the tests. MeckleyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s has developed supply relationships with 10 independently owned power plants that combines and consumes more than 325,000 tons of limestone each year with weekly sales of pulverized limestone to power plants surpass 6,000 tons.
Meckley Limestone Products Inc offers a full range of PennDOT certified aggregate products, as well as a number of economy grade aggregate products and is able to meet additional product line which includes specialty pulverized limestone products for use as agricultural limestone, filler products and sulfur-capture agents. Two bituminous concrete plants produce products for paving projects. In that products contain crushed aggregate which PennDOT certified crushed aggregate products, used for road construction and maintenance, road and building foundations, and flood and erosion repair. Additional crushed aggregate products offered to contractors with product purity, consistency and overall quality are tested several times each day in quality control labs. Tests are performed on crushed aggregate products for size gradation and all those things. MLP have made investment in equipment, resources and personnel to ensure the continued high standards that customers expect.
Limestone Products Inc has committed itself to building and maintaining strong relationships with contractors to accommodate individual schedules. Soil acidity is neutralized and calcium and magnesium nutrients are replenished with proper liming.  The effectiveness of other soil nutrients also includes phosphorus, nitrogen and manganese, increase significantly when liming practices are used, and helps to maintain a healthy phosphorus level in the soil. With a proper soil pH, fertilizers and herbicides work more effectively, increasing crop productivity and saving money, although liming can be effective before tilling and planting in the spring, the best times to apply lime to fields are fall and early winter. This allows time for the distribution of nutrients throughout the root system. The creation of a network of diversion ditches, sediment ponds and sediment traps controls and treats all water runoff from the quarry site. MLP also offers the opportunity for fund raising activities by a local church youth group.
The strong tradition continues and the reputation for solid, reliable services and products remains unequalled from MLP. Meckley Limestone Products Inc goal is to offer one-stop alternative for construction and excavation contractors.