N A Degerstrom

By: Bubbajunk.com

N.A. Degerstrom, Inc. has been serving the mining and construction industry since 1904. The company has its headquarters in Spokane, Washington; NAD got its start in railroad
construction throughout the western United States.
The company's principal work until 1920 was railroad construction for Great Northern Railway Company and Southern Pacific and Santa Fe Railroad. The following ten years were spent in railroad and highway construction. During 1930-1932, the company performed the earthfill construction of Rock Island Dam. The period of 1932-1949 was dedicated to heavy highway, railroad, and airport construction. From 1949 to 1959, in addition to open-pit mining, the company constructed highways, railroads, earthfill dams and airports same type of construction was continued on a larger scale. In addition to the interstate highways, bridges, railroads, etc, some of its major projects.
N. A. Degerstrom, Inc. has 3 registered Civil Engineers on staff, licensed in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Nevada. NAD is registered as an Engineering Corporation in Washington and Idaho, as well as a General Contractor licensed in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona. NAD is an Electrical Contractor licensed in Washington, Idaho and Nevada.
N. A. Degerstrom provides services in 5 categories such as construction, drilling, metallurgical, mining and paving. N. A. Degerstrom construction services includes such as bridge and structure rehab like concrete bridge repair, concrete crack injection, bearing and expansion joint replacement, timber roof truss repair, timber bridge repair, bridge and structure jacking; new bridge construction services such as temporary bridges, bearing and sheet piles, concrete sub and superstructures, girder erection and heavy lifts; highway construction and heavy civil service such as heavy earth moving and grading, culverts and drainage structures, process ponds, dams and dikes, general project management; heavy equipment controllers and wiring services such as portable crushers, asphalt plants, pumps, construction lighting.
Degerstrom provides the full range of mining contract services from site preparation through recovery. Their complete in-house capabilities include geological studies, site drilling, metallurgical analysis, and engineering of pit, and process and recovery systems.
N.A. Degerstrom, Inc. has the engineering professionals to manage a mine, skilled operators to keep the equipment moving, and equipment maintenance personnel to keep the equipment on line. The company can supply according to the needs to maximize the productivity of mine.