R P M Transportation Inc

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Liberty Logistics Services is a fully integrated third party logistics service company located in Southern California. As part of the RPM Group. Logistics unites a powerful logistics portfolio to become a single source provider of integrated supply chain services.
The company group of companies has successfully provided for its clients transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, information technologies and value added services. The RPM Group includes that Liberty Logistics Services, RPM Transportation, Royal Hawaiian Express, Logistics, Hawaii and Superior Inter-modal.
The logistics requirements throughout California are more complex and diverse than any other market in America like as The Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors are the largest and most active ports in America, Inter-modal railroad transportation accounts for a great amount of inbound and outbound flow throughout region, The renowned interstate highway systems and Rush Hour traffic require expert management in order to keep products flowing and productivity high. Their Market Discipline is to deliver a combination of quality, price and ease of doing business for their clients. Liberty provides its clients a single source contact for all of the required logistics services from the time a shipment is available at the manufacturer or arrives at the Southern California Harbors or Airports to the point.
Integration between Liberty and RPM gives their clients a powerful logistics advantage by providing a single source for Import Drayage, Next Day LTL and Full Truckload shipments throughout California and properly distributed to such notable stores as K-Mart, Sears, Lowes, Wal-Mart and Target. Their unique partnership offer's importers and manufacturers alike the ability to have their products assembled, packaged and properly distributed to such notable stores as K-Mart, Sears, and Lowes.
The Retail Stores supply chain is one of their chosen market sectors to provide logistics services. Other logistics providers by specializing in shipping products to the major retail, home improvement and clubs stores throughout America.
RPM Transportation Inc focus on specializing on these distinct requirements to be in the position to provide the most exceptional service their industry can offer. Some of the integrated services Liberty Logistics Services, offers to its clients like as Harbor and Rail Transportation, EDI Transmission, including 856 to Retail customers, Information Technologies / Inventory Control / In-Transit Reporting, Assembly / Retail Floor Displays, Bar Code Compliant Labels, Pick and Pack Processing., Transportation Management , Import / Export.