S & S Transport Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

S&S Transport, Inc is a privately held firm with over 22 years of experience in transporting an extensive variety of durable goods throughout North America. They have developed from a company with two employees and a borrowed truck in 1981 to one of the most modern, well-equipped carriers in the Midwest today.

S&S Transport is one of the most modern, progressive truckload carriers in North America today. They haul commodities of almost every sort, including paper products, retail goods, automotive parts, agricultural products, electronics and beverages. They provide a wide variety of services to suit virtually every freight need. They meet dry van and reefer needs. They also offer a strong range of shipment methods: project moves, controlled transit, just-in-time scenarios.

As they haul freight for a customer they feel they have become like an extension of their organization, so they take great pride in the service they offer them, regularly exceeding their customers' expectations. They provide both dry van and reefer truckload service throughout the United States and Canada. They are an industry leader with years of experience at approaching the widest variety of situations with skill and confidence; expediting your freight transit in the most cost effective manner possible. When it comes to moving freight, they never rest so that you can, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  

S&S can help your business to achieve the most efficient, cost-effective supply chain management possible. They strive to see your business accomplish excellence by employing the latest state of the art technology, years of hands on proficiency and just good old fashioned hard work.  

S&S Warehousing & Distribution Services develops a plan with you, your vendors, and your customers to optimize product and information flow through the entire supply chain to increase savings while still meeting your service expectations. Partnering with each participant in the supply chain helps to decrease supply chain costs.  

Dedicated contract carriage is most effective for companies looking to substitute or supplement existing fleet resources; that need to dramatically improve customer service; and require guaranteed capacity. Services include deliveries to customers, plants, and distribution centers.  

They provide economical services than LTL common carriers, minimal freight handling, eliminates damage claims, decreased transit times, reliable accurate freight tracking, daily local pick-ups and deliveries etc. Efficiency, cost effectiveness are the very core of S&S's accomplishments.