Skyline Corp


Skyline Corp was founded in 1951 in Indiana. It initially produced the affordable housing units popularly known as house trailers or mobile homes. The corporate headquarters is in Elkhart. 
The Company houses marketing services, accounting, information technology, engineering, and product development, financial, legal and other corporate functions. Products are built by 22 operating divisions located in 11 states across the country. Of the 22 divisions, 16 produce housing and six produce recreational vehicles RVs. During its 50-plus years of operation, it has built more than 870,000 homes and 460,000 RVs. Its sales over the years total in excess of $15 billion. It provides a full warranty on all of its manufactured home and backs it through a customer-oriented nationwide service program that is considered a model for U.S. manufacturers. 
They lead with divisions in CA, FL, IN, KS, LA, OH, OR, PA, TX, VT, and WI. Their production employees enjoy top incentive pay and solid benefits including 401k and a profit sharing plan. They are always on the look out for top quality, experienced workers who enjoy a fast-paced environment and have a strong desire to build a quality product. It implements an equal opportunity to every employer. No experience is required through the process. The Company offers a competitive compensation / benefits package.
Skyline is publicly owned and its shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange It has committed to produce the best products at the best prices. By earning a reputation for uncompromising integrity in all of their relationships with communities, suppliers, retailers, the balance sheet reflects a strong cash position and no corporate debt.