Steve Hilker Trucking Inc


Hilker Trucking has been a family run interstate livestock trucking business for 30 years. It is based in the heart of cattle and livestock hauling country. They transport cattle of all varieties but specialize in transporting cattle in the stocker feeder line and in lightweight cattle transportation.
Steve is the President of the trucking company. He grew up around trucks and has worked in the shop as a driver, and dispatcher. Steve has also been involved in the cattle feeding business since 1990. Judy got her start in the trucking business almost 30 years ago when she married David Hilker and worked with him as a co-driver and bookkeeper, Judy is the office manager for the trucking company. Brant is been involved in the cattle trucking business since 1983, He started as a driver for Isaac Truck Line of Dodge City, Kansas from 1983 to 1990. Brant was promoted to dispatcher at Isaac in 1990,he do represents  the manager of the company also.
Hilker cattle transportation company is located in Cimarron, Kansas. Any of the Hilker livestock hauler fleet of 20 trucks is within hours of their cattle feedlot. They do have haulers come in a variety of sizes.

The hauling and livestock trucking covers 40 States and 3 Canadian Provinces with interstate livestock transportation and 24 hour dispatch, They cover up almost anywhere in the United States. The trailers are 48', 50', and 53' x 102' and most are equipped with air ride for transported cattle and transporting livestock. Their team drivers holds an impressive average of 20 years behind the wheel and 9 years with Hilker Trucking Inc.
Hilker Trucking are both proud of and work very hard at the on time performance of our cattle truck drivers in their load pickup and delivery of your cattle, hogs and livestock, to and from to cattle markets, cattle feedlots, packing plants and livestock auctions.