Tucson Electric Power Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1892 an enterprising Tucsonans aided by an ingenious jack-of-all-trades, Frank E. Russell formed The Electric Light and Power Company. Albert Steinfeld, a merchant, was the first president. The company generated power with an electric lighting plant bought from General Electric Company.  In 1964, the company ended its status as a foreign corporation in Arizona changing the name and domicile from Tucson Gas, Electric Light and Power Company, a Colorado corporation, to Tucson Gas & Electric Company (TG&E), an Arizona corporation.

UniSource Energy launched UniSource Energy Services (UES) In 2003 to operate natural gas and electric systems purchased from the Citizens Communications Company. UES serves more than 218,000 customers in northern and southern Arizona. The agreement was the first transmission and distribution asset acquisition by UniSource Energy since the holding company was established in 1998. UniSource Energy is parent to a growing family of energy companies serving more than 1.5 million Arizona residents. As TEP enters its third century of operations, it continues to discover innovative ways to provide safe, reliable energy to homes and businesses while maintaining its historic commitment to community service.

UniSource Energy Corporation which is the parent company to Tucson Electric Power, is the largest corporation headquartered in Southern Arizona. TEP's program, Green Watts, enables supporters to invest directly in the creation of green power. For each Green Watt that you adopt, TEP will create 20-kilowatt hours per month of electricity from renewable energy resources. TEP Currently offers three options for those who are interested in investing in solar power. SunShare Option 1 and 3 require that you provide your own photovoltaic equipment while SunShare Option 2 requires that you purchase a solar equipment kit from TEP.

Staying on top of utility bills can put a significant burden on low-income individuals and families. Your donation to HEERO which an abbreviation of  Help with Emergency Energy Relief Operation, can ease the cost of energy bills for people who might need a little extra help.

Thanks to Tucson Electric Power (TEP), the same bright sun that attracted so many people to Arizona will play a big part in powering their future. TEP can generate more than 5.3 megawatts (MW) of electricity from solar energy, including 4.6 MW from the Springer Ville Generating Station Solar System (SGSSS), the most productive photovoltaic system in the world. In 2004, the SGSSS produced more than 7 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy, enough to meet the annual electric needs of 700 Tucson homes.