Van Pak Inc


Van-Pak, Inc. is a New England based motor carrier. The Company operates the majority of its fleet with team drivers. These teams perform expedited, JIT and other time sensitive services while providing greater security for the cargo. 

Van-Pak, can call upon sister company, Hirschbach Motor Lines for equipment  availability, expertise and additional services throughout the entire country.  They have a 24-hours operation assuring equipment availability. With 200 refrigerated trailers they also provide dedicated long haul, regional and local transportation services and warehousing.

The company provides satellite facility at Sane Fe Springs, California, and Fountain City, Wisconsin. Northeast to West Coast and Northeast to Mid-West are the primary areas of service. They have 160 sleeper equipped. Cleanliness and safety are paramount. A trailer with two floors, allowing the non-stacking of freight-on-freight for damage-free travel and the total utilization of a trailer's cube. Extremely rugged material allows loading of 500 lbs. per linear foot on the upper deck. The Services of the company is trucking all phases, Warehousing, Distribution & Logistics Provider, traffic consulting.

Van-Pak moves LTL freight in the same manner as truckload.  LTL pick-ups are made during scheduled pick-up times. Direct loading of LTL traffic at Van-Pak terminals results in on-time, claim-free delivery with scheduled appointments. Notification of both the shipper and the consignee is making in the event of anticipated delay. LTL service to the 11 Rocky Mountain States and Texas is 3 and 4 day.  Midwest points are delivered 2 day. Temperature control service is available for LTL traffic. 

Van-Pak equipment moves with driving teams their driving teams average over 1,000 miles per day.  Teams are dispatched from the customer's facility or from Van-Pak terminal locations in accordance with prearranged pick-up and delivery appointments.  Appointments are made for both LTL and TL traffic. On-time service runs in excess of 98%.  Security is enhanced significantly with continuous movement of equipment. Drivers are benefited by insurance pacakages,vacations & holidays, drop & pick pay, Referral,retention,safety & quarterly bonus, Freightliner & Volvo's On the other hand owner operator gets lease purchase, small fleets Truck insurance, base plates & permits .