C And C Carriage Mushroom Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Whether you need a quick and delicious recipe, have questions about selecting, storing and cooking mushrooms, want to know how mushrooms can enhance the flavors of other foods, are curious about mushroom nutrition or just want to learn more about mushrooms, you've come to the right place. The Ciarrocchi family at Modern Mushroom Farms has been raising mushrooms in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the Mushroom Capital of the World, for three generations.
Producing mushrooms is not like raising your usual garden vegetables. But then, mushrooms aren't vegetables. Mushrooms are fungi and do not contain chlorophyll, so while that means they don't need sunlight; it also means that they depend on an especially nutritious growing medium. Modern Mushroom Farms is to create an ideal growing medium. White, crimini and portabella mushrooms all grow well on the same medium. Pasteurized compost made from sources such as corn cobs, straw, hay, water and nitrogen supplements fill the trays in which mushrooms grow.
The compost is covered with a thin layer of peat moss, or casing, and temperature and humidity in the mushroom house are controlled until tiny white rounds poke through the peat moss. This stage is called pinning. Shiitake mushrooms were traditionally grown on oak logs. Enoki mushrooms are grown in plastic bottles on a substrate of corn cobs, wheat bran and soy bean meal.
The most widely available fresh mushrooms, whites are mild in flavor, smooth and round in appearance, creamy white to beige in color and come in various sizes from button to jumbo. White mushrooms may be eaten raw and can add excitement to soups, salads, sauces, sandwiches, main dishes and more.
A larger relative of the white and crimini mushroom, portabellas are allowed to mature longer than their smaller relatives and can grow to 6 inches across the top. This rich brown variety is sometimes referred to as "Italian" or "Brown" mushrooms. Criminis are related to the white mushroom and may be used in all the same ways. These tan to dark brown mushrooms are also called "Oak," "Chinese" or "Black Forest" mushrooms. They have umbrella-shaped caps, open veils and tan gills. They are woodsy in flavor and best when thoroughly cooked.
So, C And C Carriage Mushroom Co ensures that you enjoy the flavors of these mushrooms without any distance or time constraint.