Lakin Tire West Inc


Lakin Tire West Inc is the nation's largest supplier of quality used tires for resale. The company provides various size and quality tires and these tires help the retailers and wholesalers to generate substantial profit margins. Company gives more benefit to their customers with a high quality, low-cost alternative to new tires.
Lakin has been in the tire recycling industry for over 80 years and currently processes more than 22 million tires annually. Lakin services over 2500 retailers on two coasts and has a solid reputation built on timely pick-ups, quality used tires and casings.
Lakin provides major national as well as local retailers with the removal of scrap passenger tires from their retail locations. Their plants are centrally located across the country and enable them to service clients in wide geographic areas. With the largest fleet of trucks in the industry to collect discarded tires, their scheduled pickups and competitive pricing can be tailored to customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s exact needs
When a tire is not suitable for re-use on the road, it is further processed for other uses. These applications range from automotive and agricultural products, to pavement and playground materials. Some tires even become fuel for power plants and for manufacturing of cement, paper and other materials. 

Lakin supplies passenger & RV casings to the retread manufacturing industry worldwide. Lakin's global presence in this recycling arena attests to its quality standards and reliable services. They also use a methodology to ensure that the most of the used tires came for resale, meets the safety measures and are ecologically fit for driving purpose.