Norco has been a Boise-based business for over fifty years.  Growing far beyond the original two stores and 20 employees, they are now serve five states with thirty-nine stores, 500 employees, and offer more than 23,000 items related to industry, medical and safety. With CHAP accreditation and ISO 9002 certification, Norco is among the top 35 home care companies in the United States.
At Norco, they follow the Golden Rule by placing the customer at the head of the organizational chart.  Their emphasis is always on employee development, overall pursuit of excellence and outstanding service to their customers, employees, vendors and community
Founded in 1968 when Larry Kissler purchased the Nordling Company Norco from the David Nordling family. Norco has been serving the industrial community for over 50 years. It has 45 locations nationwide. The divisions of Norco are welding, safety, homecare medical supplies. NorLab calibration gas division started in 1990. Privately owned business with 500 employees.
It was accredited as ISO 9001:2000 certification - ISO Certified Since December 1995.They are also CHAP accredited since October 1992. Business Magazine presented the Blue Chip Enterprise award to Norco as the business that has demonstrated the highest levels of efficiency and leadership in their industry.
Norco people have equal opportunity. The desire is for each employee to excel individually thereby strengthening the team effort. People are the key to the success of an organization. Norco's employees are the company's most significant asset. Norco is people-oriented management philosophy is based on three assumptions. People are intelligent Employees can be trusted Employees are treated as partners All Norco employees are salesmen for the company.

The company supplies the following welding machines with quality brand names such as Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Hobart, ESAB and Hypertherm these products are very much wanted in the industrial segment. They are also offering repairs and service for the industrial welding machines; in addition to that they provide trouble shooting, equipment upgrades, equipment servicing, periodic maintenance, on-site services for CNC burn table machines.