Primex Plastic Corp


Primex Plastics started with three machines and has grown up into a multi-faceted cooperation that houses more than 100 extrusion lines in facilities across the Country. With a myriad of resources at its disposal, Primex is committed to help its customers succeed.
CompanyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s headquarters and the largest plastic manufacturing facility located in Richmond, IN.  They also have plants located in Garfield, NJ - Mesquite, NV - Oakwood, GA and Corsicana, TX.  The facilities encompass 5 blocks of manufacturing space producing HIPS, PE, ABS, PET-G, PP, Tuff-X and Cor-X materials.  These products exhibit exceptional toughness and durability. These products also offer very little thermal expansion.
The company is one of the largest custom sheet extruders and specializes in several types of products.   Most products are extruded in thickness ranges of .006 to .500 inches.  All products are extruded from top quality resins and may be extruded in their 100% recycled material utility program.  They are industry leader in state of the art production and testing facilities, and employ a highly professional work force. This is evident throughout all of their product lines like ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene), cor-x, polyester, polyethylene, and polypropylene, polystyrene.
Company is consistently producing highest quality sheet extrusions in the industry.  They are following strict housekeeping, routine maintenance, and uncompromising manufacturing practices. Company operates their own fleet of trucks from each manufacturing location.  The fleets are equipped for both local and long distance deliveries.
Primex is committed to taking a part in the community. Primex recycles virtually everything at each of its manufacturing facilities. Production scraps as well as post industrial and post consumer scrap is washed, reground, and palletized for extrusion. While manufacturing the plastic goods it has undergone several process like physical testing, sample preparation, environmental testing, and flammability and analytical. 

The plastics state of the art facilities are constantly being updated to insure that the highest quality standards are met.  With six manufacturing facilities, two color houses, a chemical laboratory, and an expanding distribution system, it incorporates a vast amount of experience and expertise from product inception to product production.