Quality Transport Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Quality Transport & Truck-Rail Handling is one of the premier bulk truck and rail transfer providers on the west coast. The company offer seamless distribution solutions providing your company safety, security & efficient delivery while improving your bottom line. The facilities located in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington, are strategically positioned to serve the customers on the west coast, Mexico, Canada & the Pacific Rim.

Truck-Rail Handling and Quality Transport, two privately held companies, have been in business for over 30 years, and have a management team with over 100 years experience from the shipper and carrier sides of business. The company specializes in rail-to-truck, transoading service, warehousing, and bulk transportation to a broad and diverse customer base.
Truck-Rail Handling specializes in the transloading of both dry and liquid commodities between railcars and trucks. Truck-Rail Handling was a pioneer in this business and has relationships with the major western United States railroads. They handle a multitude of commodities, both non-hazardous and hazardous, ranging from food grade to a variety of chemicals. They also offer break-bulk and warehousing at several of our locations.
Quality Transport owns and operates a fleet of bulk trucking equipment to meet every need and was an originator of vacuum pneumatic equipment in the U.S. they operate both liquid bulk and pneumatic hopper trucks. The services provided from them are plant sites, railcars, silos, surge bins or almost the customer may have any type of container.
All personnel for both companies are fully trained in the safe handling of dry & liquid, non-hazardous & hazardous materials. Quality Transport & Co. continues to be noted in the industry for exceptional ability to innovate based on customer's specific needs.

Quality Transport Co. ready to meet customers logistics needs. Quality Transport is here to provide customers with the highest achievable level of service in the truck-rail handling of bulk liquid and dry commodities. Their mission punch line is Service Is Our Product.