Reddy Raw Inc


Henry Sam Baum founded Reddy Raw in 1948 with a vision. Chefs can pass over the mundane tasks of preparing the products, and proceed directly to cooking them with the least bit of effort. The minimally processed items also accommodated individual culinary tastes, as professionals could use Reddy Raw's inventory to continue preparing their own signature dishes. That vision is the same today as it was when Sam founded the company.
Our more than 1,300 SKU's (stock keeping units) are among the most common items found in restaurants and other food service venues every day. They have never compromised on their responsibility to accept manufacturers' products, and then to pass them along in the same pristine condition in which they were received. Reddy Raw operates under the just-in-time delivery strategy. Reddy Raw Inc is supplying perishable and frozen products to the Northeast.
Their frozen products are gablia, stouffers, frozen potatots, frozen ethnic specialties, frozen fruits vegetables and juices, seafood, soups etc.,
Warehousing and delivery are a constant challenge for any company responsible for accuracy and timeliness. At Reddy Raw, constant vigilance and attention to detail has given the company an unsurpassed reputation in the marketplace.
 The shift in the customer base, Reddy Raw changed its operating procedures to meet the needs of its high-volume clients. The frequency of deliveries has dramatically increased. Reddy Raw's inventory was repackaged into larger parcels and the company invested in a fleet of larger trucks.