Sams Rotary Drillers Inc


Sams Rotary Drillers Inc was started in 1947 by Sam VanderGalien.  Sams Rotary Drillers Inc providing well drilling services to Wisconsin for over 50 years. They are expertise in commercial, industrial, and irrigation, residential and municipal well drilling. There are now 10 rigs that are in operation, which means that SamÂâ€Ã¢„¢s has one of the largest fleet of rigs in the State of Wisconsin. The services that are offered include primarily residential, municipal and irrigation work, and most recently, SamÂâ€Ã¢„¢s has become a geothermal loop contractor. Last year, SamÂâ€Ã¢„¢s completed over 1100 wells, not including geothermal bore hole.
They are also stepping their foot in water drilling, water quality, geothermal and crane services. They have constructed over 1300 residential wells per year, as well as municipal and irrigation wells. They have their locations at Randolph, WI and Dodgeville, WI to serve most of Southern WI.
They can help you with all of your well drilling needs. Our crews are experienced at finding the proper location, setting up the rigs and equipment in all types of circumstances, and drilling to the appropriate depth so that you have fresh, clean water. Sam's also drills wells for commercial and municipal projects. Wisconsin families relying on a residential well for their Drinking Water need to be assured that the water they are drinking is safe for consumption.
The initial construction of the well, Sam's will test your water to ensure it is free from bacteria and that the nitrate level of the water is within recommended limits. While initial assurance is important, of equal importance is periodically retesting the well water to make certain of its safety. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recommends that the water be tested annually to ensure its safety. 

Sam's commitments in providing safe water to Wisconsin families are in-house water Sampling Lab is an integral part of Sam's service offering. The water-sampling lab is a separate division, SWD Labs, and prides itself on friendly service with a quick turnaround.