Swanston Equipment Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

Swanston Equipment's striping division was established in 1961 by W.M. Swanston. They stripe in the United States and abroad. Swanston Equipment Company stripes highways, airports both civilian and military, and parking lots. Swanston Equipment Company sells and services removal and striping equipment. They have also designed the CT-2000 'Stripe Eater', a pavement marking removal and collection system for the civilian authorities.
Swanston Equipment Companies is an equipment dealership that focuses on asphalt and concrete production and placement, with separate divisions for bobcat and pavement marking installation.
At Swanston Equipment Companies they focus on supporting the road building process; be it production, placement or removal. They offer equipment rental & sales, complete field service, rentals, and factory trained technicians & 24 hour parts. They also have additional divisions for Bobcat, and our pavement marking contracting company. They have locations in Fargo, ND and Minot, ND. They strive to give their customers the best sales, product and service experience possible.
They are manufacturing the following equipments such as heavy equipment, bobcat and striping and removal equipment, ingersoll-rand air compressors, wonder blower, pneumatic tire compactor.
Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressors are the new equipment that enjoys the highest resale value of all competitors. Plus, our warranty is transferable o a new owner at the time of sale, adding greatly to the resale value of the machines
Wonder Blower 10 Horse Power is one of the best-designed blowers in the world. Not only you get unmatched leaf blowing efficiency, Little Wonder blowers are also ideal for moving stubborn debris; removing standing water; preparing asphalt for resurfacing; preparing flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air.
In their equipment Pneumatic Tire Compactor, it posses the four rear wheels which are driven by two direct drive, low speed, and high torque wheel motors. The PT-125R features a pressurized, corrosion-proof tire wetting system. Oscillating wheel yokes allow all outer wheel pairs to move with the ground contour to ensure constant tire contact on uneven surfaces. 

Also, Swanston Equipment has a large rental and leasing fleet to serve your business needs. Thus they make sure that customers are satisfied till optimum.