Taylor-Ramsey Corp

By: Bubbajunk.com

Taylor-Ramsey Corp. is one pf the leading manufacturer of fine quality wood products for more than 40 years. They make wood work, in markets all over the world by harvesting superior logs, and by producing lumber, dimension and furniture from our own hardwood and softwood manufacturing facilities. The company is based in the center of America's Appalachian timber country.
The products veneer logs-saw logs, Appalachian hardwoods, flooring, furniture parts, railroad ties, womanized etc. The species like red oak - white oak, yellow poplar (tulipwood) white ash - cherry walnut basswood etc. they have their own lumber measurements.
They maintain and operate our own forests, log yards, sawmills, dry kilns, treating plants, dimension plants, furniture plants, and fleet of trucks. They have hands-on experience in their business because they are involved in every aspect of lumber and wood products manufacturing.
The employees are the very heart of their operation. The management policy encourages the responsibility and rewards individual initiative. Every worker is a valued human resource, and is constantly challenged to stretch the limits of his or her potential. In this same respect for our human resources is reflected in every other facets of our business as well say in maintaining our forests. 

They have always been industrious and resourceful. They are constantly striving to find better ways to serve their customers. This helps our experts to select the quality sawn wood best suited to your job so you get exactly what you want and need. Meeting customer needs is what the people and production are all about. They are planning for tomorrow is just as important as being successful today.