Crown Carriers Corp Of Rocky Mount


Crown Carriers is dedicated to providing superior logistical services. Integrity, dependability, and quality are words they live and work by. Whatever your distribution needs, transportation, warehousing, on-site loading / unloading, or product rework you can rely on Crown Carriers.

They can deliver your shipments tomorrow, the day after, next week or next month. They take their directions from you and ship good lanes and difficult lanes. Whether you have one load or fifty, Crown can handle it. And if a Crown truck is not available, their brokerage division will take care of the shipping. The companyÂâ€Ã¢„¢s solution-oriented personnel are dedicated to accurate on-time delivery.

As Crown has grown through the years they saw a need to provide storage and distribution services for their customers' products. These added services signal their commitment to total customer satisfaction. Crown tailors its warehousing operation to meet individual customer needs. The warehousing operation opened the doors to various other services their customers requested and Crown supplied. Whether it's taking products apart or putting them together - adding, removing, or switching parts - Crown can do that and more.

Through close relationships with our customers, they are able to provide experience and knowledge in the transition of goods from dock to truck and truck to dock on site at customer facilities. While their employees are handling freight, their shuttle drivers are busy pulling trailers to and from the docks. Positive and mutually beneficial partnerships are formed.
The company is fast growing into one of the best companies with their team of managers who work hard to meet the objectives the company. They work diligently to ensure that their clientele are as satisfied as possible and provide maximum service at all time.