Dawn Trucking Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Dawn Trucking Co. was formed in 1973 by Daniel M. Nelson, Sr. with only one truck. Dawn Trucking Co. is the largest independently owned and operated oil and gas related trucking company in New Mexico. Currently, the fleet consists of nearly 150 trucks and tractors in addition to support equipment.
The primary business of Dawn Trucking Co. is trucking for hire on a non-scheduled, irregular route basis, for the purpose of transportation of oilfield related equipment, materials, and supplies. The trucking is focused in two areas, the home and more significant area is in the San Juan Basin of Northwestern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado. The main terminal is in Farmington, New Mexico. Their one satellite terminal is located in Lindrith, New Mexico. Additional terminals are located in Ignacio, Colorado, and Dove Creek, Colorado.
In 2004, a terminal was established in Grand Junction, Colorado, with a sole focus placed on the heavy hauling of drilling rig equipment. The San Juan Basin operations are more diversified. The bulk of the business in the San Juan Basin is split between heavy hauling and water hauling. 
The heavy hauling includes a significant amount of hauling compressors, pump jacks, and production tanks. The company has over 300 frac tanks and flow back tanks, tank rental and tank hauling is substantial. The vacuum trucks and transports are also used to haul water to drilling rigs and from producing wells to water disposal wells, vacuum trucks and transports are used to fill and empty these tanks. Road construction materials, equipment, and supplies are hauled seasonally.
Dawn Trucking provides the services like Frac Tank Rental, Water Hauling, Tank Hauling, Flow back Tank Rental, Heavy Hauling and many more.
The company includes equipments such as Rig Up, Water Haul, Lowboys, Tankers, Trailers and Misc. Equipment like Forklifts/Loaders, Dozers, Mixing Pits, Road Graders, Car Haulers, Belly Dumps, Semivans, and Jeeps/Booster. 

The company mission is committed to providing safe, efficient, and courteous service in an environmentally friendly manner. Dawn Trucking Co. is vitally interested in the safety of its employees, customers, and the public as well as the protection of equipment and property during all phases of operation.