DXI Industries Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Since 1946, DX companies have provided exceptional products and service to various customer bases. DX is there from the southeast throughout the Gulf Coast and the mountain areas of Colorado, New Mexico and Montana, north to Minnesota and west to Arizona and California. A network of companies with over 20 locations conducting business according to the same basic fundamentals have worked in the past with honesty towards their customer, best value for the purchasing dollar, outstanding product quality and a lot of common sense. These are values upon which DX's outstanding success has been built, and by their examples the companies' future shall be guided.

DXI Industries Inc manufactures the products like Chlorine, Sodium, Caustic Soda, Sulfur Dioxide, Other Water Treatment Chemicals etc. Chlorine is Greenish-yellow gas Sharp pungent odor which smells like household bleach settles near the  ground and other low spots displaces air i.e. oxygen. It is produced from running an electrical current through salt water, drinking water disinfectant, household bleach and other disinfectants present in pharmaceutical products. It is stored in Rail Cars, pressurized tanks, cylinders and ton containers.

DXI Industries, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of inorganic chemicals, compressed gases and water treatment products that are committed to protecting the health, environment, safety and security of its stakeholders. They believe it is the responsibility of each and every employee to obey all policies and procedures, make sure of a safe work place and protect the environment and communities in which they live and work. DXI is dedicated to product stewardship and responsible distribution in every phase of chemical storage, transportation, handling and clearance. DXI shall be actively engaged in the development of industry and technical standards through the Chlorine Institute and the National Association of Chemical Distributors.

DXI is dedicated to continuous improvement of environmental, health, safety and security performance as well as fulfillment with applicable government and industry requirements. Senior management shall establish and renew responsible distribution objectives, goals and targets on an annual basis and will communicate this policy to stakeholders. DX Terminals, Ltd is declared a winner of the 2005 Union Pacific Chemical Transportation Safety Pinnacle Award.