Plehal Blacktopping Inc


Plehal Blacktopping Inc has been in the asphalt construction business since 1949. They specialize in residential driveway, parking lots, tennis courts, pathways, patch repair work and rock seal coating. They cover an area that spans a 90-mile radius from Shakopee, MN. Jack Van Remortel is President and has more than three decades of asphalt experience. Gene LaBoda is their Vice President and has been here since the beginning.
Gas, oil and all petroleum products will harm asphalt when excess amounts are spilled on the surface. Bicycle kick stands, ladders, or any other sharp objects will indent asphalt. Salt will not harm asphalt in any way. Radial tires, especially front wheel drive vehicles, may leave tire marks on new asphalt because of heat generated by the flexing of steel and rubber. Their firm carries all of the insurance required by law. Their customers are further protected by the additional insurance they have while working on their property.
A well designed and constructed asphalt driveway should not require sealing for approximately two to five years. Asphalt material oxidizes, dries out and the fine sand particles begin to wear off. The method of using commercial asphalt base sealer with a hardener and install by hand is the most cost effective way to seal your driveway. Another method of scalcoating is to use a mixture of hot asphalt oil covered with a layer of rock chips this is called a chip seal coat. Sealers containing coal-tar compounds are not recommended. Filling any major cracks with a special crack sealer is recommended before doing any sealcoating.
The thickness of the gravel base should be from two to eight inches thick. This thickness will vary depending upon the soil conditions. The hot asphalt is now applied with a paving machine. This machine operates on very much the same principle of those used on freeways. It lays a mat of uniform consistency. The mat is then rolled while hot. In Minnesota, the frost penetrates the ground as deep as four to six feet. The ground will heave when frozen this deep.
The company is good at what ever they do and that is demonstrated by the fact that they have one of the highest client retention rates in the technology services industry.