Fred & Ernest


Since 1959 Frey Brothers, Inc. has been building and improving some of the strongest livestock equipment on the market. Through operating a 700 plus acre farm and running 400 head of beef and dairy cattle the development and improvement of their equipment has been a timely process. Over the years there have been changes in the cattle, dairy, sheep, swine and horse farming needs, and Frey Brothers, Inc. has been there all the way.

The company is located near the rolling green hills of tranquil Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Frey Brothers is situated. Frey Brothers has been supplying livestock equipment for almost 40 years and landscaping material for 15 years. The company has always been on the cutting-edge of farm technology.

Frey Brothers produce quality mulch and livestock equipment by using their expertise. In this website you will find all the information you need to purchase mulch by the bag or truckload, as well as, cattle and horse equipment.

Frey Brothers, Inc. can be readily used in all aspects of farming. As in any business, there are those circumstances that need special attention. The company is there with their on the road staff to come to your location and evaluate your needs, and they provide you with the satisfaction that you are getting what you need.

The company produces is the result of custom designing and building the pilot model for use on their farms. In doing so they have realized the individual need of each farm owner or operator. Most have exclusive situations for which there can be no production line equipment secured. Fred would welcome an opportunity to discuss your particular situation with you, suggest their solution, make you a firm bid and guarantee you the same quality workmanship and the rugged, trouble free service you can expect from steel construction.

The company guarantees all products to be of the quality described in this website, or an improved version of the same, and guarantee the workmanship. Any equipment failing to meet these specifications will be replaced or repaired, free of charge. When you purchase Frey Brothers, Inc. Livestock Equipment, you can be sure it is the best possible to produce.