Southwestern Motor Transport Inc


In 1930, Roy Gilbert Sr. started Gilbert Truck Line in Cotulla, TX with one used truck serving San Antonio, TX to Cotulla, TX. During 1940.Through the 1940's, the fleet grew to about 50 pieces of equipment. In 1950, Mr. Gilbert purchased Southwestern Motor Transport Inc., and merged the 2 companies. This brought the fleet to just over 100 units. 1953, service to Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande valley was initiated. Deregulation in 1981 allowed S.M.T. to extend service to surrounding states, the Midwest, and the Southeast.

Currently, they serve the eastern half of the U.S.A. in truckload and LTL. They also perform through service between Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
The operations have grown over the last 70 years from being a South Texas Intrastate Carrier to their present day operation that includes 14 state LTL coverage. They are able to offer reliable service to Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the United States through their network of partner carriers.

The truckload operation runs from border to border with six thru-trailer entry ports into Mexico and thru-trailer service into Canada with service to and from Ontario and Quebec via Detroit. SMT Lines introduces Wing Express Delivery to give their customers an option for their expedited ground & air deliveries. This will enable you to get your shipment to its destination when you need it there. Within the SMT Lines operations, there are several unique opportunities to utilize a variety of services. The warehousing, consolidation and distribution services have been a great help to many customers in several of their terminals.
Southwestern Motor Transport is committed to provide Service Unexcelled to both their internal and external customers. Their main goal is to provide you with the best customer satisfaction possible through the effective use of their business management system.