Supervan Service Co Inc


SuperVan Service Co. Inc. was originally founded in December of 1980, operating out of a 4 door facility in St. Louis, MO. Since then, SuperVan has grown into a multi-million dollar company, operating out of 5 locations.

SuperVan operates via a network of major marketing partners allowing premier full state coverage in 31 states. This network is complimented through an EDI system providing on-line tracking and communication capabilities. This network provides a service package superior to our competitors with direct loading and less handling. As a result, SuperVan Service Co. Inc. offers an excellent alternative to the large, cumbersome carriers that work through a network of break Bulks or Hub and Spoke operations.
SuperVan operates as both a common and contract carrier with 48 state authorities and is party to the Czar Lite tariffs. Their market strategy varies within each terminals market potential, which allows maximum efficiencies and profitability.
SuperVan Service Co. Inc. entered the market with a handful of shippers, yet today they have over 5,000. SuperVan has established itself as a leader in providing excellent
service to excellent companies.
With SuperVan's unique direct loading, their claims ratio is less than half of one percent producing one of the lowest ratios in the nation. The Company continues to make efforts to reduce their outstanding claim ratio to an even lower percentage. 

SuperVan Service Co. Inc.'s mission is to provide a service and pricing package that will benefit their customers, their employees, their company and their community. The Company is committed to excellence and has an experienced staff to provide such.