Sysco Food Services Jacksonville


1946, a Texas gentleman named John F Baugh left his job as a manager for the local A&P in Waco, Texas and launched a little food distribution company called Zero Foods. After several years of success, Baugh envisioned a national presence for his Zero Foods Company. So, in 1969 after sharing his vision with eight distributors he admired and trusted, he cemented a partnership that is now known as Sysco Corporation. Sysco has grown from approximately $115 million at the company's formation to over $14.7 billion in annual sales in 1997. Sysco's reputation comes with the territory and it enlisted in the Fortune 500 Company in the stock.
Sysco is a food distribution business that was setup in 1946 and originally called Zero Foods. The company operates from 69 distribution facilities and provides products and services to approximately 270,000 restaurants, hotels, school, hospitals, retirement homes and other foodservice operations--wherever meal is prepared away from home. The company's distribution network extends throughout the entire continental United States as well as parts of Canada.
Taking advantage of innovations in food technology, improved packaging and advanced transportation techniques, Sysco continues to provide its customers with quality products that are delivered on time, in excellent condition while improving efficiencies and keeping prices reasonable.  The customer can place an order through online basis. Block & Barrel Deli is the most complete deli branding program available.  Everything is branded with the distinctive Block & Barrel logo.  You can use the presliced Block & Barrel meats and cheeses or bulk deli meats you slice yourself. With Block & Barrel Deli, you will serve your customers The Best Sandwich on the Block.

Sysco offers several varieties of triangle sliced cheeses, as well as an assortment of breads and hoagie rolls.  A complete line of Block and Barrel chips, snacks, and cookies are also available.

The Company seeks to achieve superior customer satisfaction through innovative products, comprehensive health and related benefits choices, effective service and easy-to-understand information.