The Emery-Waterhouse Co.


The Emery-Waterhouse Co. was founded in 1842 and its sales director is Jim Cook and has been supplying hard lines to retailers throughout the Northeast for over 160 years. As an independent, mid size distributor, the foundation of their success has been a constant focus, not on how many customers they serve, but on how well they serve them.
Accordingly, the Emery-Waterhouse culture is one which embraces everyday diligence the kind of diligence that leads to documented and industry leading fill rates, dependable follow through, satisfied customers and steady growth. Emery-Waterhouse leverages over $2 billion in annual purchasing power. This buying power, combined with their operational strength and retail expertise, can help you maintain competitive pricing and grow your profits even in the face of the big box retailers. Emery-Waterhouse Co is located in Portland, ME.
A full service distributor, Emery-Waterhouse offers complete, quality assortments across all major categories and then some. Available categories range from hardware to tools to paint and sundries to lawn and garden. Emery Waterhouse has created an infrastructure that allows you to electronically integrate your Web site and business applications with their order fulfillment processes.
For even the savviest local retailer, it can be difficult to stay on top of emerging trends. ItÂâ€Ã¢„¢s also easy to overlook operational forces that, if changed in some way, could add to the bottom line. You simply have enough work taking care of customers and managing the business. Better still, the results presentation and recommended action plan that come with the service provide sensible suggestions for improvements, if warranted. As a dealer, you count on your hard lines distributor for a lot competitively priced products, marketing and buying programs, value added services.
The major goal for a selector is the ability to accurately read the Radio Frequency scanning system, proceed to the correct location of the warehouse and hand select the appropriate amount and type of product from the warehouse shelves. The selector will then place items into cardboard boxes or plastic totes and deliver to the pack area for labeling and re packing for shipments to the customer.