The Finch Companies, Inc.


The Finch Companies, Inc. has been serving the Southeastern United States since 1933. And is still managed by the second and third generations of the founder's family. The company was at that time called Finch Warehousing and Transfer. The first accounts included Diamond Matches, Dole Pineapple, and Kellogg's Cereal sales.
When they started the business, no one in the industry used such words as logistics or third party service. Yet, the Finch's knew that first class service and customer satisfaction would always be the key to success. The Company will educate its employees to remain in the forefront of changes in their industry, allowing them to better serve their customers, fellow employees and suppliers. Finch Logistics located in Mobile, Alabama.
The Finch Companies, Inc. has become Finch Logistics to more completely assist others in precisely maintaining their core competencies. Their newest offering is a result of evolving to meet the value added desires of one of their largest customers. The Packaging Division is a prime example of translating their flexibility into the ability of their manufacturers to customize their product to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace.
Finch is the key company with nearly 70 years of knows how. Their customers include manufacturers and distributors of such diverse products as paper, pulp, chemicals, steel, clothing, food, and most any product along the supply chain. Their warehouses are serviced directly by two major railroads; Illinois Central and Burlington Northern, switching to their three private tracks with capacity for fifty cars.
And the interchange yard operated by the Alabama State Docks offers open switching to the many major trunk line railroads servicing Alabama's seaport. They have their own trucking capabilities for local and regional deliveries, plus nearly 100 truck lines regularly pull up to their docks. At Finch Logistics they know that to be a leader in warehousing, fine facilities are only part of the picture. The heart of warehousing lies in the way goods are handled as few times as possible and with care.
They have successfully answered this objection in the best way possible through proven service and performance. Very few warehousing companies demonstrate quality policies near as comprehensive as their in house quality process.  Finch will be recognized for innovation, responsiveness and commitment to excellence.