United States Salt-Johnson Enterprises Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

U.S. Salt, Inc. has been a leading supplier of bulk and bagged de-icing salt and water conditioning salt for over 20 years. Their main location is located on the Minnesota River in Burnsville, Minnesota.
The company is constantly struggling to develop new products that meet environmental concerns. They supply a range of products for their customers' diverse needs. The company has their own bagging facility, so they can offer custom bag designs and sizes to fit your exact needs. U.S. Salt's main business is supplying its customers with both bulk de-icing salt and sand/salt de-icing blends.
The company offers a fast, efficient facility. The vast majority of their customers in, loaded, and out in under 15 minutes. They have both large and small loaders so it is possible for them quickly load end dump trailers or conveniently load small pickup truck spreaders. The company will also deliver 15 or 25 ton loads to anywhere in Minnesota and surrounding states. They stock 100 percent salt, 90 percent sand, 10 percent salt blend, 80 percent sand, 20 percent salt blend, 70 percent sand, 30 percent salt blend, 50 percent sand, 50 percent salt blend. Additionally, they will custom blend mixes to meet your exact needs.
The company pride themselves on their outstanding services as well as the outstanding products. Whether you need rock salt, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, or solar salt, they can help. The company stocks a large variety of products and bag sizes to meet your individual needs. All of their products are available for either customer pick-up or delivery.
Their dedicated people work together to create innovative solutions and highly satisfied customers.