Weirton Steel


Weirton Steel Corporation was founded in 1909 by Ernest Weir, who with intelligence and determination, built Weirton into one of the world's leading steel producers and is the nation's eighth largest integrated steel company and its second largest producer of tin plated steel. As their industry has shifted, they have learned new ways of working that makes steel cleaner, more efficient and a better product. Weirton is focused on new markets, new technology, and new ways of serving the customer. They are proud of where they have been and where they are going.
Weirton Steel Corporation is the largest single producer of tin mill products in the United States. Their product mix includes a strong array of value added galvanized sheet steel products. They have focused cleverness downstream to develop one of the nation's most technologically advanced steel manufacturing plants. Aggressive cost containment has kept Weirton Steel competitive with the rest of the industry. They are committed to growing their business. Weirton Steel is emerging in new niche markets and expanding their outlook globally. Weirton Steel is located in Weirton, West Virginia.
Weirton Steel provides an extensive array of Tin Mill and sheet steel products as well as material for the building and construction market to customers all over the world. Weirton Steel is one of North America's most advanced integrated steel facilities, producing both sheet and tin mill products and is among the largest tin mill producers in the world.
They supply flat rolled steel with superior value added qualities. Weirton is particularly adept at handling critical specifications close tolerances, exceptional gauge and shape control and superior surface quality. And they have recently been recognized nationally by steel buyers as the No.1 Company in the industry in terms of customer service. In an ongoing effort to become more responsive to their customers, they present their expanding and evolving system of on line services. 

As you will learn, Weirton Steel is rich in tradition with a long history of solid performance in an always competitive industry. Weirton Steel has matured through the decades and today is a modern, high tech producer of quality steel. And while they are proud of past acomplishments, today they are focused on the future. They knew the future of their industry depended on developing new products and new markets for steel.