Wheatfield Trucking Co

By: Bubbajunk.com

Wheatfield Trucking Co. is an Indiana based motor carrier with Terminals in Maryland and Indiana. Their fleet consists of late model tractors and both 1000 and 1500 cubic foot pneumatic trailers. Wheatfield was acquired as a subsidiary of Tankstar USA in 1996 to fill an operational void in the Midwest and Middle Atlantic States. Their employees are seasoned veterans, experienced in the tank truck industry and they pride on giving excellent service at affordable rates.
Wheatfield TEAM places a high value on their shippers and customers. They are an all purpose carrier- small enough to handle everyday transportation requirements and large enough to serve during peak business periods. The Tankstar Companies are strongly committed to maintaining their equipment to the highest possible standards. Over 88 years of experience has taught them that inspection and preventative maintenance are the foundation of any successful equipment program. Tankstar believes that the best place to maintain its equipment is in its in-house company terminals. They use procedures that are documented and uniform throughout their almost 60 terminals. New tractors and trailers are specified with proven, durable components and maintained to original factory specifications throughout their life cycle. The Safety Department is an integral part of the Tankstar organization. Error Free Shipments program stresses on time performance, dispatch standards, maintenance schedules, safety guidelines, billing issues and many other vital areas of their operations.
The company is a very professionally managed and believes in treating their staff as well as they treat their customers. This is because the company believes in the old saying that happy workers make for happy customers. This has proven true through the years for the company as is proven by the customer retention and satisfaction shown by the customers.  
Wheatfield Trucking Co. have a goal to protect human health and the environment, prevent pollution and enhance the quality of life by cost effectively providing the transportation of bulk commodities.