Wittig Transport Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Wittig Transport began in 1961 when Glen Wittig hauled his first load of LP Gas with one truck. The company's main focus was the propane and natural gas liquids transportation business. Randy and Roger Wittig took over operations in the late 80's and began focusing on the ethanol industry. Since then the company has grown to over 50 trucks and 65 trailers to service customers.
The company now transports mostly propane, denaturant for ethanol, and ethanol. The company goal has always been to provide superior service at a fair price through emphasis on excellence in all phases of the operation.

Wittig Transport, Inc. has 3 primary operating regions which consist of 90 percent of the loads hauled.  It is possible that work will be performed outside these regions at any given time which will make up the remaining 10 percent of loads hauled. Minnesota based drivers will primarily operate in the Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota, with some loads to Illinois, Nebraska, and Colorado. The remainder of loads will occur outside the standard operating region. Illinois based drivers will primarily operate in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, with occasional loads to Kentucky. The remainder of loads will occur outside the standard operating region.
Wittig maintains its own repair shop with 5 mechanics on staff to keep its fleet rolling safely. Wittig operates mostly in the middle of the U.S. with an occasional load out of the area. Most ethanol plants are located in the central and upper Midwest therefore their concentrated efforts are there for now.
Wittig currently serves a market area including Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and western Ohio. Wittig continues to grow both through the natural gas liquids and the ethanol business.
Wittig welcomes growth but only if it can be done without sacrificing their level of commitment to excellence. Wittig Transport currently employs about 80 people some of which are owner and operators. Wittig employs some of the most experienced people in the transportation industry, with combined experience of over 500 years.

Wittig mission is to provide safe, on time, quality transportation and distribution service to their customers products at a cost that is equal to their service while protecting the General Public and Environment.