M Bruenger & Co Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

M. Bruenger Trucking was founded in 1936.Mr.Maurice Bruenger and his wife Leona ran a dairy farm near Wellington, KS and one day a hired hand dumped gasoline in their milk cans and skipped the country in the Bruenger family pickup. As Mrs. Bruenger remembers in a magazine article from 1988, that hand was a likeable fellow, but I had never trusted him, although my husband did. She goes on to say that the hand had abandoned the truck is Virginia and that her husband took the train out there to bring the truck back. To keep from making the trip for nothing he filled the truck with apples and brought them back here to sell.

In the early day he and Mrs. Bruenger hauled a lot of citrus out of the valley in Texas because it did not have to be refrigerated. When the company started there were no mechanical refrigeration units. The first units were just cooled with ice bunkers and blowers, powered by a gasoline engine with a blower to blow cool air over the produce. A far cry from the units they have now.
Position Bruenger & Co., Inc., as a Quality Service Carrier, specializing in both the refrigerated and dry freight market. Their Mission is to continue giving their current customers the quality service they deserve and to expand their customer base. Their commitment to their continued quality service program will be accomplished by making their drivers and owner operators the key element. They will retain and look for drivers and owner operators that share their attitude towards quality service.

Since 1936, M. Bruenger has meant reliable transport of meats and fresh foods. Today, they are one of Kansas' largest refrigerated and dry van carriers. Their authority has expanded to include canned goods, foodstuffs and many general commodities. Service is coast to coast with a modern fleet of refrigerated and dry van trailers with a host of long haul tractors and experienced drivers.

Benefits for employees are generous benefits package, health insurance, and spousal rider program; Drivers are paid weekly, Track global positioning system. loading and unloading pay, stop pay, electronic bank deposit available, bonus for driver referral, section 125 cafeteria plan, Most trucks are running either the Pro Heat Generators or the Rig Masters Generators. Some trucks even have refrigerators in them.