Marth Transportation Inc


Marth Transportation Inc. was founded in 1984 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Marth Wood Shavings Supply Inc. As such they initially were a private fleet hauling wood shavings to farmers throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Since that time they have grown to be a common and contract carrier hauling for many large customers in Wisconsin to the southeastern, Southern United States. They have a large fleet of trailers to handle almost any need except flatbeds. They pride their selves on providing Service Second to None to all their customers.

Marth Wood Shavings has been providing clean, absorbent bedding since 1958. That's when Mr. Milton Marth began distributing bedding to his friends and neighbors in the poultry and livestock industry. Since that time they have grown and now provide bedding to a 12 state area. Marth Wood Shavings are available in easy to handle 3.0 cubic foot bags that stack neatly. Their bagged product is composed primarily of pine, aspen and other white soft woods and is ideal for dairy, horse, swine, poultry, small animals and pets. Their specialized products include Cedar Shavings, Pine Flakes, Hardwood Smoking Fines, and Aspen Flakes.

Shavings for bedding come from two sources wood byproducts from various manufacturing industries throughout the region. The harvested wood is processed at their on site shavings mill. Shavings and sawdust are dried in their dryer to reduce the moisture content to 10 percent or less. The products are then screened to reduce the amount of dust and compressed as they are packaged in paper or plastic bags.

Their 100 percent kiln dried, virgin wood particles are from Marth approved mills and that used managed forests that provide consistent, quality raw materials. Process through a process created at Marth the particles are segregated into various sizes, cleaned to remove as much dust as possible and then gathered for various packaging. Product & Benefits Easy Pick Bedding is specifically designed for maximum absorption, easy separation from animal excretion and minimal financial impact.

Marth Wood Shavings are a wise choice for your animal bedding and other wood shaving needs. They are a natural, biodegradable product, produced from a renewable resource.