Mervis Industries Inc


Since the late 1920's, when William Mervis and his sons opened scrap yards in Arcola, IL, and Veedersburg, IN, the scrap business has progressed from the basic handling of iron, hides, metals, rags and paper to the total recycling of many industry by-products. With divisions in many different communities, Mervis Industries can meet your needs in the Central Midwest and now in Brownsville, Texas and Ramirez, Mexico.

Mervis Industries is a diversified, family-owned company providing progressive solutions to the essential manufacturing and recycling needs of the communities they serve. They combine a devoted, customer-oriented workforce with up to date facilities to provide environmentally sound, quality products and services.

Mervis Industries specializes in complete and exclusive recycling solutions. As a family-owned and operated company, they devote the talent, extra time and resources to get the job done right. No extra paperwork and bureaucratic bottlenecks, just environmentally minded recycling solutions with an eye to your bottom line.

As the original company of Mervis Industries, this modern scrap processing facility has proven to be a leader in its dedication to safeguarding the environment and providing customers with recycled materials of the highest quality. Custom recycling solutions are done keeping customers in mind and providing the community with a network of operations that feed local community scrap to larger regional processing operations. This full-service operation can bale non-ferrous materials.
For more than 70 years, they've been helping industry reuse valuable materials instead of draining their precious natural resources. The company's dedicated to recycling has always gone a step beyond the processing of materials. The Mervis family has put new life into unused land and abandoned facilities throughout the region, finding new ways to add services and avoid waste.
The history of Mervis Industries is a story of recognizing needs and meeting them. Along the way, they've upheld their responsibility to customers, employees, their local community and the environment. Mervis Industries believes that the wise use of their land and other resources is more important now than ever before, and the company's more than 400 men and women intend to carry that promise into the future.