Metal Working Lubricants Inc


Metalworking Lubricants Company is a specialty oil company established in 1952. They have worldwide service locations available and a listing of affiliated companies. Their certification spans the design and manufacture of Lubricants, Cleaners, Quenching Fluids and Rust Inhibitors, Rolling Oils and Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids.
Metalworking Lubricants Company manufactures and markets a complete line of cutting oils, ferrous and non ferrous compounds, hydraulic, way and gear oils, greases and other products. Metalworking Lubricants Company prides their selves in problem solving and constantly develops products for special applications. They will develop a product whether the requirement is five gallons or five tank wagons. Metalworking Lubricants is ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 Certified.

Metalworking Lubricants Company will initiate an in depth industrious partnership with your maintenance department and provide the department with their knowledge and support to guarantee correct fluid maintenance. Requirements of this partnership would involve laboratory service to monitor the fluid on a routine basis and maintain assistance if necessary for corrective action. Seminars and literature furnished by Metalworking Lubricants Company will assist in educating the maintenance department on proper fluid care.
Metalworking Lubricants Company will assist you in cutting down time while maintaining your hydraulic equipment at maximum efficiency while decreasing fluid related problems. This converts into increased productivity and higher profits. Metalworking Lubricants Company trusts that their knowledge and experience will allow us to supply their customers with the tools, training and information necessary to effectively manage your hydraulic systems.
They have technical personnel on the road and in the laboratory to not only provide the product, but to service the account as well. Their technical experience is broad. Their response to problems is prompt and reassuring. At Metalworking Lubricants Company they are always interested in adding talented individuals to their organization.