Wilson Trucking Corp.

By: Bubbajunk.com

Wilson Trucking Corporation, an LTL (Less than Truck Load) carrier, was founded in 1926 to meet the need for more consistent and reliable cargo transportation. Wilson's legacy of unparalleled service continues today.

Wilson Trucking has long been recognized as one of the southeast's premier LTL service carriers. Next day delivery is provided between thousands of communities in the region through their extensive coverage network of 39 state-of-the-art terminal facilities.

Wilson invests heavily in the maintenance of its 100 percent Company owned fleet. Major shops throughout their system ensure their meticulous standards are maintained on every Wilson vehicle. Each of their expertly trained mechanics is a Wilson employee, on call 24 hours a day to keep your freight rolling to its final destination.

With over 78 years of recorded profitability, Wilson enjoys a 5-A-2 rating from Dunn & Bradstreet. The fleet itself consists of fuel efficient road tractors, city tractors, and straight trucks.

Wilson Trucking Corporation is a Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regional LTL carrier with national capabilities. Service for non-direct areas is offered on business tendered to their region. Service is not currently offered in areas from non-direct areas to other non-direct areas.

It is the mission of Wilson Trucking Corporation to set the standard of excellence in the trucking industry by providing outstanding customer service to all of their internal and external customers. Wilson Trucking Corporation has established specific goals.
They are such as to conduct a growing, profitable and ethical trucking operation. To build public confidence and a continuing friendly relationship for their services through sound business practices, effective selling, and personal contacts. To provide good jobs, working conditions, wages and opportunities in exchange for loyalty, initiative, skill, care and effort.  To adapt Company services, facilities and policies to meet their civic and economic responsibilities.

Wilson Trucking Corporation will foster customer loyalty by presenting a united front to achieve and surpass their customers' expectations, as well as meeting their own goal of excellence in the trucking industry.