Angelica Textile Services Inc


In 1878, the first Angelica uniform, an innovative railroad chef's coat, was created by Cherubino Angelica. Angelica became a supplier of textile rental services to the health care industry. Since then, the name Angelica has been recognized for quality, creativity, design, utility, image, technological leadership and service and customer satisfaction. From that single chef's coat, Angelica has grown into the premier supplier of textiles and on-the-job apparel for the service industries.
It is the mission of Angelica to be value-driven and customer-focused, with the ultimate goal of providing superior long-term earnings for the company shareholders. Healthcare is their primary industry target and their first responsibility is to the healthcare professionals who use their products and services.

Angelica are always in touch with healthcare value, where their Textile Services segment Delivers linen management solutions everyday. They believe in the establishment of a strong, effective and efficient supply chain where their associates work cooperatively with their vendors to provide quality products and services to their customers in a friendly, timely and satisfactory manner.

The company is dedicated to accomplishing their mission with high integrity, honesty and sensitivity to all major stakeholders - associates, customers, shareholders, and the public. Their vision is to attract and retain superior Associates who are committed to building a results-oriented culture by providing customers with quality products and services in a timely, friendly fashion which will, consequently, add value over the long term for the company shareholders.

The Company values include: Sensitivity and respect for the dignity of each individual associate, Support for continuous personal improvement and renewal; be a learning organization, Trust, Integrity, and Honesty; with Associates and Customers, Credibility, Responsibility and Hardworking. The company has also committed themselves to the success of the business, to the pursuit of excellence, to the safety of employees, and to providing industry leading quality of service to customers.