Dealers Choice Truckaway System Inc


Dealers' Choice is one of the most trusted names in the truck driveaway industry. The company has over 20 years of truck driveaway experience; they are the largest truck driveaway transporter of used class 6 and class 8 tractors in the nation.

The name Dealers' Choice is slowly being replaced by their new name, TruckMovers. TruckMovers provides the technical power behind Dealers' Choice and is the name they would prefer to be known by. The company is easier to remember, and better represents their company's purpose.

TruckMovers is always hiring experienced, professional truck driveaway drivers. If you are looking for an opportunity to drive without forced dispatch, without the need to own your own truck, on your own terms, look no further, their simple online truck driveaway driver application for more information.

TruckMovers leverages years of real world truck drive away experience in creating the ultimate truck driveaway and transportation system. The company empowers all players involved in the truck driveaway process from customers needing trucks moved, to carriers moving trucks, to the truck driveaway drivers on the road. They manage it all from pickup to destination with speed and efficiency. We have created a streamlined, efficient drive away system for their customers, by combining technology and the best independent driveaway drivers. They have moving trucks since 1983, and move more used class 6 and class 8 trucks than anyone else.
The company is contracted by buyers and sellers of all sizes to transport their trucks throughout the U.S. and parts of Canada. Truck drive away is the process of picking up a truck, or set of trucks, in one location and delivering them to another. Thousands of trucks are bought and sold each day; many of these trucks must be transported from the seller to the buyer.
TruckMovers can move your trucks faster due to their vast network of independent driveaway drivers. TruckMovers has more trucks to drive away in more diverse traffic patterns, which means less deadhead and more money in your pocket. TruckMovers is conveniently headquartered 9 miles east of downtown Kansas City, Missouri directly across from the Truman Sports Complex, home of Arrowhead and Kauffman stadiums.