Dirksen Transportation Inc

By: Bubbajunk.com

Dirksen Transportation is a leader in the transportation industry. They specialize in the transportation in aluminum can, class bottle, plastic containers and related items. Their high cube equipment air ride suspension and caring people, they can assure a safe and economical ride for your valuable cargo.         
The company places the highest priority on the treatment of its drivers. Indeed, the goal is for all Dirksen employees to feel that they are part of the Dirksen family. The men and women behind the wheel look for three things; compensation, miles per month and sufficient time at home. The company is competitive in both compensation and miles per month; their dispatchers schedule loads to best serve customers' needs while scheduling drivers with their home bases in mind.

Those well maintained Dirksen tractors and trailers that you see on the road are beautiful by plan and by paying constant attention to scheduled maintenance. In their 12,000 square foot shop and attached inspection and cleaning bays, Dirksen equipment undergoes regular maintenance and cleaning by their caring and qualified shop personnel.

In addition to the administration building, the facility includes the shop, a fuel island and parking for approximately 50 trucks. The company operates the largest fleet of 57' trailers on the West Coast they take pride in the cleanliness, maintenance and overall appearance of their equipment.

The company provides its drivers with the finest tractors available, along with quality trailers. Dirksen looks to recruit the best drivers available to run such fine equipment. The quality of the relationship between Dirksen and its drivers is reflected in the longevity of the relationship.
The company mission is to provide value-added transportation that will exceed their customer expectations. Their dedicated people work together to create innovative solutions and highly satisfied customers.