J & B Wholesale Distributing Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

J&B GROUP was located in St. Michael, Minnesota, was established in 1979 as a distributor of meat products to meat markets and retail grocery stores. A federally inspected production plant was added. A sales and service center was opened in North Dakota their production and distribution plant in St. Michael has been HACCP certified since January 1999. The company presently employs approximately 380 people.
J&B Group, founded in 1979 as J&B Wholesale Distributing, Inc. has served an ever expanding variety of retail and foodservice customers. Currently the company offers a combination of wholesaling, branded products, custom food service cutting, cold storage, and transportation of a variety of meat, poultry and deli food products. Over 400 associates maintain the value and integrity with customer partners. J&B GroupÂâ€Ã¢„¢s logo features the words Company, Customer & Associates. This logo embodies all that J&B Group was in the past is in the present and will be in the future.
During a typical week, J&B Wholesale Distributing, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of J&B Group delivers several million pounds of product to customers covering a 10 state region. Operating as a public cold storage facility 94000 sq.ft providing refrigerated warehouse space to food wholesalers, processors, manufacturers, distributors and brokers. The docking facility allows for load to be staged & checked before shipping or put into facility for storage. Some refrigerated storage and tempering done on dock, 16 dock doors to accommodate trucks in and out, overhead pallet storage to allow maximum use of floor space, 12000 square feet refrigerated 32 to 38 degree.
J&B Group continues to grow sales each year and the number of customers they supply. Due to this growth, J&B facilities have expanded many times. The most recent was in March 2001 when they added a 25000 square foot cooler addition. J&B Third Party Logistics services include blast freezing, inventory tracking, distribution and sorting capabilities and refrigeration services. It has a capacity in excess of 3.6 million cubic feet.