Johnson Controls Automotive


Johnson Controls has a Supplier Continuous Improvement Group dedicated to working with their suppliers to improve efficiency and eliminate waste. As part of their commitment to their suppliers, they will work to create an environment that promotes continuous improvement and train their employees how to continue the process on their own with the support of Johnson Controls materials.

Fundamental to remaining competitive in the automotive industry, is a well developed program to pursue Continuous Improvement in all areas of business. They expect each supplier to embrace the CI concept at all levels of the organization and in all areas of their business.
The basic elements of a CI system such as Supplier Leadership Commitment to Continuous Improvement,  Cross-functional Continuous Improvement Teams,  Data Driven Improvement Based On Key Measures, Regularly Scheduled Reviews, and A Quality System in place that allows improvements to be embodied in the normal operating procedures of the business.

It is essential that key business measures are established and tracked. They expect that quantifiable improvement will be pursued in these areas, even if there is currently no perceived problem. Examples of key areas for improvement are unscheduled machine downtime, machine set-up, die change and machine changeover times, excessive cycle time, scrap, rework & repair, non value-added use of floor space, less than 100 percent first run capability, test requirements not justified by results, waste of labor & materials,  excessive cost of non-conforming product, difficult assembly or installation of the product, excessive handling and storage, new target values to optimize customer processes, and marginal measurement system capability.

Supplier Principles is an offering of workshops and educational opportunities that are provided by Johnson Controls. Included in the programs available to suppliers such as  QS-9000 Overview,  Manufacturing Quality Tools, Advanced Quality Planning, Value Analysis / Value Engineering, Supervision Skills, Problem Solving Techniques, Front-line Leadership, Business Planning Processes, PLUS, and Program Management.
Johnson Controls uses a Product Data Management system to manage and control engineering records and data. This system issues all engineering numbers, such as drawing and part numbers and revisions.
Automotive Systems Group uses these numbering and naming conventions to achieve consistency across the business. Specific interchangeability rules are in effect within the company to establish correct part identification. When interchangeability is affected, a new part number is issued. Johnson Controls is taking steps that will eventually provide access to its PDM system to key suppliers for all part, BOM, CAD, and drawing information.