Causley Trucking


Causley Trucking Inc. was founded by Harold Causley in 1941. The company was formerly known as Causley Trucking Company.  Harold began by transporting fertilizer and farm products for the Wallace and Morley Company of Bay Port, Michigan. Harold was dispatched by his father-in-law, John Crosby, manager of the Wallace and Morley Company elevator, located in Bradleyville, Michigan.
The employees of Causley Trucking Inc. are committed to dedication and excellence to successfully reach common goal of 100 percent safe, on-time professional delivery. Such dedication to service and safety is the key to establishing a long term relationship with customers in United States Postal Service and all other customers the company service.

Causley Trucking Inc. announces further diversification, as it ventures into the safety arenas of the industry. Causley Truck Driving Institute, L.L.C. is partnered with Baker College to train new entry level truck drivers and managers in an extensive 2-year college degree program and Fleet Compliance Group - Eastern Division which performs a wide range of safety compliance seminars, training, and testing. Causley Trucking is very excited about these new partnerships because it gives them the opportunity to help solve the qualified truck driver shortages and deter safety hazards within this growing industry.
Causley Trucking has professional drivers who are dedicated to their profession. This dedication is displayed through their accomplishments. The company is very proud of their awards, achievements, and participation in difficult competitions that are greatly respected throughout the industry.

Today, Causley Trucking, Inc. remains a closely-held family corporation, working together with its customers and all employees to promote safe, on-time delivery. Causley Trucking and its employees are proud of their excellent track record and continue to grow while maintaining their commitment to providing professional, quality service.