DMX Transportation Inc.


DMX Transportation Inc is founded in 1994.It is based in Duncan. South Carolina.DMX Transportation, Inc. is a full service transportation company with a 48 state authority.
To ensure that freight gets to the destination on time, every time company offers the services such as same day, protected, dedicated and truckload. DMX Transportation, Inc. provides a wide choice of destination or pick up locations. With operation authority in all lower forty-eight states, DMX Transportation can meet all transportation needs.
DMX Transportation Inc. employs individuals who care about people and have an inherent desire to satisfy the needs of customers. DMX Transportation Inc is devoted to people and have a strong commitment towards their staff .The employees of the company work very hard to develop lasting relationships with everyone. DMX Transportation Inc is committed to growth. They have drivers who meet very strict qualifications. Only the best drivers are hired and because of this they make DMX one of the safest truck fleets on the road today.
DMX Transportation Inc.offers shipping, handling and storing of goods. The company has ample space to fit customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢needs. The company provides complete control over freight by having it stored, handled and shipped as per need. Whether it's low truck load or truckload, DMX Transportation Inc. will distribute goods through proper ways. The company also offers a full service warehousing, pick and pack, facility relocation, contract manufacturing facilities. DMX Transportation Inc. turns key project and logistics consulting. Pull distribution, local delivery and freight consolidation.
A profound commitment to personalized attention to each and every customer proves that company knows the importance of delivering freight both professionally and expediently. DMX Transportation Inc.Ââ€Ã¢„¢s ambition is to provide the best transportation service in today's competitive environment. The company will not only meet but also exceed customersÂâ€Ã¢„¢ expectations. DMX Transportation recognized alongside some of the nation's most prestigious companies due to its  highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to success of company as well as customers.