McNeilus Steel Incorporation


McNeilus Steel, Inc. was begun in 1948 by Harry McNeilus, and it was located at Minnesota with little more than a single axle truck and a lot of hard work. He began buying and selling scrap metal, a venture that had its share of challenges. Today a fleet of over 50 trucks delivers over one million pounds of steel daily.
Computer systems track and inform staff of real time product availability. Mill and lot numbers are displayed with chemistry reports and the latest ASTM steel specifications. This system ensures that McNeilus Steel, Incorporation will fulfill your order quickly and accurately.  The Company utilizes coil processing lines featuring stretcher-leveling technology. This equipment, combined with a highly trained staff, exemplifies McNeilus Steel Inc's commitment to supplying material that exceeds customer demands.
Their customer service and extensive inventory are what set them apart from the rest. They coordinate their delivery schedules to ensure their customers get their orders on time and many customers rely on them for their just-in-time manufacturing practices. With their dedication to total quality improvement they continually strive for complete and accurately filled orders.
Their deliveries range from a minimum order shipped to an occasional user, to large manufacturers needing entire truckloads. All of their orders receive the same care and attention. They can handle all of your special needs in packaging and delivery or custom orders through one of their numerous suppliers.
They know what it takes to be your one-stop steel supplier, they are very proud of their reputation for dependable service and strong customer relations. They stocked over 3,500 different metal products at their facilities. Whatever the steel or non-ferrous metal needs, the Friendly Steel Handlers can fulfill them with over 500,000 square feet of storage; their stocking capacity is the largest in the upper Midwest.
They have two Red Bud Industries stretcher/ levelers and a Delta leveling line. The stretcher leveler is used to elongate the material sufficiently to exceed the yield point in all fiber- top to bottom and edge to edge. The stretcher leveled material can be used in downstream operations were the stresses cause problems.