T G Stegall Trucking Co Inc.

By: Bubbajunk.com

T G Stegall Trucking, founded in 1950 by Triston G. Stegall with over 50 years in the trucking industry, has the experience and expertise to ensure quality service and timely delivery. Their general commodity authority extends throughout the continental US and they have daily terminations along the east coast.  With a broad range of services, they are sure about satisfying customer needs.  
The quality of service they provide for each client receives exclusive use of their trailers which reduces the risk of product damage from moving product between trailers. In addition, they have both general commodity and contract carrier authority that is supported by a dispatch driven computer system. By using the most up-to-date technology available, they can schedule the traffic demands at the touch of a button.
Transportation safety is an integral part of the success of any trucking company. At Stegall Trucking, they approach safety proactively. They expect their drivers to be experienced, safe, and certified under requirements that are more stringent than those imposed by the department of transportation.
Because they set such high standards for their drivers and their company, customer can expect the same standards in safety, dependability, and service.
Some of their safety measures include such as regular drug and alcohol testing, background checks to ensure a professional work history and monitoring systems for driverÂâ€Ã¢„¢s hours of services so drivers without adequate hours are not dispatched.
Trucking has been their forte since inception and their oldest area of expertise. With a reputation for providing customers with extraordinary service, they have both general commodity and contract carrier authority.
Their mission is to provide dependable service beyond the customer's expectations.  They want to become a partner in business and give everything customer need from a carrier.  Because they concentrate on the bottom line and on helping to achieve their goals, customers have more time to spend on other matters that need their attention.