John Christner Trucking: Smart Decisions and Dependable Service


John Christner Trucking has the comitment to deliver your goods on time, in the condition that you expect. John Christner Trucking's focus is on truckload transportation with emphasis on temperature controlled products and to facilitate the pickup and delivery of your shipment. John Christner Trucking operates in Oklahoma City, Forth Worth, Los Angeles and San Leandro, California.

John Christner Trucking is a workplace that fosters communication, teamwork, safety and compliance and guarantees the excellence in their day-to-day operations with safe, quality service and Americas safest and professional drivers teaching each one to hone their skills, reduce crashes and handle fatigue. John Cristner Trucking also offers a family atmosphere promoting a high level of self-esteem and self-confidence enabling to come together to form one very strong team.