Liquid Transport Corp offers more time at home


Liquid Transport Corp, also known as LTC, is a bulk transportation company from Indiana. It is the 13th largest bulk carrier in the US with annual revenues of $100 million. It has been in the business for more than 60 years and it is run by more than 800 associates and over 600 truck drivers working in 24 terminals spread around 14 states. Its bulk transports include mostly relatively clean liquid chemicals, agricultural and life science products, storage, asphalt, dry plastics & starches, lubricants and petroleum.

The quality systems used in Liquid Transport Corp are ISO-9002 parallel standards and American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Partnership.  This makes the service provided by Liquid Transport of superior standard and safety. Some of the objectives to improve the quality of the services include: to promote safety, to be more efficient and reduce costs, to improve communications, to have more accountability and to provide more support for the procedures.

Some of the job opportunities available at LTC are: Billing Auditor for the corporate office in Indianapolis, IN;  Dispatcher for the St. Rose office in LA.; Mechanic in Granite City, IL.; Welder/Mechanic in Charleston, SC. Liquid Transport drivers in numerous states are distinguished among the best due to the high standards LTC has in hiring. For owner operators, the mileage package pays up to $1.10 loaded and $0.80 empty. Drivers on this package run an average of 2,800 miles per week and earn on the average of $1.00 per mile. On the other hand, company drivers are paid mileage, $0.36 loaded, $0.34 dedicated and $0.28 empty to start, or hourly pay for less than 150 miles. They are paid to load/unload, paid lay over, detention, wash and breakdown.  After six months, you will receive a pay increase to $0.38 loaded, $0.36 dedicated, and $0.28 empty. A bonus is paid quarterly based on performance.  Hourly rates may vary based on domicile location.  While the average driver would be paid $38,000, our top earning driver this year will earn in excess of $55,000.

The benefits working at Liquid Transport Corp make a long and appealing list for the applicants. The list varies for owner operators and company drivers, but in both cases, various insurance packages are offered. One of the most appealing benefits for drivers may be that most of LTC's traffic lanes are local and regional. This gives drivers more time available to spend at home.